Sep 15, 2021

Why Switzerland has the best healthcare system in the world


healthcare system in Switzerland

2021 is the second year the world is battling the coronavirus pandemic. Amid these tiring times, having strong healthcare in the country is very critical. Healthcare systems vary among countries based on different parameters. Even for expats, when someone moves abroad for work or immigration, access to healthcare is one of the biggest factors in their choice of country.

Countries around the globe have different approaches to medical care in terms of public and private sectors. The Healthcare system in Switzerland is ranked among the very best in the world. The reason being why it has one of the longest life expectancies, 83, in the whole world. A couple of years back, US News and World termed Switzerland as the best country to live in for its perfect economic-political stability and exceptional healthcare system.

Public health care in Switzerland covers all the basic needs of a person which includes general doctor visits, medicines, hospital treatments, pregnancy cases, physiotherapy, etc. People who want to cover all other treatments and can afford to pay more, opt for private healthcare.

Some of the reasons why Switzerland stand out among other countries in healthcare are as follow:

- It is mandatory for Swiss residents to buy health insurance called mandatory health insurance or MHI (be it private if you can afford it or public)

- The insurance packages don’t leave out any pre-existing condition

- For people with low income, the Swiss government subsidize health care insurance

- No difference between the rich and poor – everyone has access to all levels of care without any reference

- In comparison with other big countries, maternity coverage is excellent in Switzerland as it covers all delivery-related costs, a week-long post-delivery hospital stay so that the mother and newborn can be stable during which the basic baby care skills are also taught.

- There are many hospitals that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and you can cure any kind of illness in Switzerland. The doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are highly trained and professional. They know different languages as well so that it is easier for tourists to seek medical care.

- The waiting time is very less as compared to other countries. This is due to the reason as there is a number of hospitals present in the country and all of them are well-reputed.

- Patients have the freedom to choose their own choice of doctor or hospital for their treatment.

Emergency cases are treated immediately and are rarely overcrowded.

Although the insurance covers 80-90% of the treatment sometimes you have to pay out of your own pockets. That fee is relatively higher than other European countries but still, it is far less than the giant countries such as the United States of America (USA), or the United Kingdom (UK).

In 2020, the Swiss healthcare system was ranked first in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation, where 31 countries competed, with a score of 59.56. Germany was placed second and the Netherlands at third.

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