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May 11, 2021

Step by Step Guide to Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Everyone acknowledges the importance of buying health insurance, but choosing the right policy can be a challenging job. Most of us don’t know which factors weigh more while considering health insurance. Our health experts at Caresocius have made the process easier for you by bringing forward a few ...
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May 14, 2021

HL7-FHIR Kommunikationsstandard für ein globales Gesundheitswesen

Bevor wir starten müssen vorab einige Begriffe erklärt werden. Im folgenden Abschnitt wird der Begriff HL7 erläutert, um eine klare Vorstellung zu erhlaten.
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December 10, 2020

Telehealth - how does it work ?

November 8, 2020

Security in cross border healthcare: fundamentals?