Aug 10, 2021

Responsibilities of physicians and dental practitioners - Dentistry in Switzerland


With an extensive network of doctors and professionals and well-equipped hospitals and clinics, medical treatment in Switzerland is considered one of the best in the world. Patients have the freedom to choose the doctor of their preference and the waiting time is very short as compared to other big nations.

Dentistry in Switzerland is also ranked one of the best in Europe. They have all the latest technology available in the country and the dentists and practitioners are experts and very helpful. One of the reasons why many people prefer seeking medical treatment in Switzerland.

If you are a foreigner and looking for dental treatment in Switzerland, you can find high-quality services at competitive prices. Plus, people in Switzerland speak German, French, Italian, and Romansch with English understood as a second national language.

The dental treatment in Switzerland is, however, expensive and is not covered under basic health insurance – not even children’s dental care. One of the reasons behind the expensive treatment is that the majority of dentists work in the private sector. If you have an emergency, you will have to visit the dentist in a local hospital where you will be asked to pay at the time or will receive an invoice in a week. However, if you are looking for a dentist in Switzerland, you can visit caresocius and book your appointments right away.

If you are looking to visit physically, there are many world-class clinics and hospitals present in Switzerland. Some of the famous are Dental Centre Balexert, Dental Europe, Zahnarztpraxis am Weinberg, Rhone Dental Clinic, Cierny Dentists, and many more.

The life of a professional dentist in Switzerland is also very lavish. According to a report by Totally Money, Switzerland was ranked as the best place in Europe to live and work for dentists. Most importantly, the job of a dentist is secured under contract. The report was conducted on the basis of job types based on salary, hours worked, paid leave. Germany was ranked second, while Cyprus stood third.

Responsibilities of dental practitioners:

Dentists are basically doctors who are available to treat oral problems.

- Diagnosing the disease

- Providing treatment plans for patients

- Promoting oral health and disease prevention in the country

- Interpreting x-rays and diagnostic tests

- Monitor the patient’s problems and development of teeth and jaws

- If required, available for surgical procedures on teeth, bone, and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

- Fill cavities or repair broken teeth

- Plastic sealants on children’s teeth

- Perform cosmetic services such as teeth whitening, etc.

Responsibilities of physicians:

The physicians are basically there to provide assistance to the doctors.

- Providing medical assistance in all cases

- Deliver straightforward information to the patients regarding their health condition and suggest possible medical treatment methods. Keep up-to-date with the patients about their test reports.

- Inform the patients about the foreseeable consequences post their treatment

- Should be available to carry out tests required, if necessary.

- Should know the basic diagnosis and even treatment. But only with the patient’s consent.

- Respect the patient’s intimacy and privacy. Keep things confidential.



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