Aug 20, 2021

Quality of life of young clinical doctors in public hospitals in Germany

hospitals in Germany


The German healthcare system is highly effective as compared to other European countries. The presence of the latest technology and modern medical equipment ensure a satisfactory result for the patients. The huge network of hospitals in Germany includes highly professional doctors and medical staff which make sure that the patients receive swift and quality medical treatment.

The German healthcare industry is highly developed with an income of over 260 billion Euros annually and employees around 5.7 million. Both local and foreign specialists and practitioners are working in Germany. With the continuous advancement in the sector, there are always new opportunities to avail in the medical sector. The number of employees has been constantly increasing for the past few years.

The reason behind this attraction is the benefits a doctor avails in the country. The life of a doctor is very respectable and a young practitioner has very good job prospects in Germany. The salary of medical doctors is also the highest as compared to graduates from other fields of study. Young graduates typically get jobs in hospitals or work as an employee with some big companies related to the field.

If we talk about income, people working in the medical field are the leaders in comparison with others. According to salary explorer, a doctor or physician generally earns around 8,960 EUR monthly. The range is from 3,290 EUR (lowest) to 15,100 EUR (highest average) in the sector, which depends on the experience of the individual.

The median salary is 9,670 EUR per month which means that half of the people working in this field earn less than the aforementioned amount and the other half earns more. Physicians, specifically, earn less than 5,830 EUR while 75% of them are earning higher.

If we talk about doctors working in the public sector, they usually earn 146,610 EUR annually which makes 70 EUR hourly. This is excluding the bonus which is 6,553 EUR (average). Medical professionals working in the public sector are responsible for planning and working in public hospitals, clinics, or other medical facilities. They get promoted with the time and their professional experience and the salary increases simultaneously. But the higher post comes with even higher responsibilities. The chief doctor is the highest rank followed by a senior physician, specialist, assistant doctor.

Despite the excessive number of doctors in Germany, there is still a shortage of practitioners in rural areas as people are not willing to work there, with the amount of income being part of the problem. For urban areas, the life of a doctor is highly lavish. They earn a lot; they get respect a lot. This is why medical study is a top choice among young students to pursue their professional careers. Young doctors have to struggle a lot to achieve a higher rank. But this is not just the case in Germany, but all over the Western countries. There are extensive working hours for

young doctors in hospitals providing medical assistance to senior doctors. According to a survey, a high proportion of German doctors spend more than 9 working hours per day and 60 hours on-call per month.



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