Sep 16, 2021

Health Insurance in Spain for international Students

spain health insurance

The top-class educational system, high-ranked colleges and universities, friendly and safe environment, and lavish beauty make Spain one of the most popular countries for international students. In 2019, Spain was ranked number one in’s ‘Top 10 Study Abroad Countries in Europe list’.

Many students come to Spain to pursue their educational careers as the colleges and universities there are very welcoming for international students. Along with the education, the students explore the culture and connect with other international students from all around the globe.

It is mandatory for every international student to have health insurance in Spain. Students who are entitled to health coverage under the social security system of their country and are from the European Union, European Economic Area, or Switzerland must acquire a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before arriving in Spain. The card can be obtained from health authorities in the student’s country of origin. The card will provide you the necessary medical facilities in Spain throughout your stay of study. However, it is only applicable to state or publicly-funded hospitals and medical centers. If you want to go to private hospitals or the medical sector, you will have to buy a private health insurance plan.

For non-European citizens coming to Spain for studies, the purchase of private health insurance is necessary to cover your medical expenses during your stay in the country. Spain has mutual health agreements with some countries so it is highly recommended for you to check whether your country of origin has that agreement with Spain or not. If yes, you should attain the verification document from relevant authorities in your country and then get free medical care in Spain during your stay.

People coming from Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, and Andorra can avail free medical services as long as the verification document is provided. If you do not belong to the aforementioned countries, you can still avail the emergency medical treatment as it is mandated by the Spanish government. However, non-emergency treatments might not be covered and you would need private health insurance.


Private health insurance is present all across Spain. The insurance packages and policies might differ from place to place and it is very important for international students to read and understand the policies before buying the package. They must check the coverage they will be getting and whether it will be enough for them during their stay in Spain.

While international students apply for a Spanish visa, proof of health insurance coverage in the amount of €30,000 is required to submit. The insurance must cover all the necessary medical expenses throughout their stay and it could be valid for all Schengen States. As it is required to have medical insurance before applying for a visa, it is recommended to start the process as early as possible because oftentimes it could become a source of delay in your visa process and nobody wants that.

Finding a private health insurance provider is not difficult in Spain. There are many companies offering the services and some top-reputed are Sanitas, ASISA Adeslas, and Axa.

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