Jun 18, 2021

Best Medical Tourism Facilitators and Support Services



Medical tourism facilitators work as a one stop source for the patients who are seeking treatment or opting for medical tourism abroad. It provides all the facilities including the treatment services, hospital information, destinations, expense quotations, accommodation, travel, etc.

The support services also handle the coordination between the doctors and patients while taking care of all the legal issues. No need for the patient to rush to any hospital to look for the information as the facilitators are there to provide you with all the relative data. It is utterly their job to understand the patients’ needs and facilitate them accordingly.

Most patients travel abroad because of expensive treatment at home or lack of medical equipment. Traveling to another country means you have to undergo treatment according to their policies. An ordinary person is not aware of the policies for the desired country but the facilitators understand all the relative information and take care of your budget and other issues.

In this piece, we will look at a few of the best service providers to opt for if you are looking for medical tourism.

- Ribau & Garner

Ribau & Garner is one of the most leading and reputed facilitators in Europe. It is based in Paris, France but arranges medical care in Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Moscow and around the world. The dedicated team at Ribau & Garner is always itching to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. They have personalized packages according to the patient’s needs. It is associated with the best hospitals and private clinics across Europe, and the most famous cancer treatment centers in different countries.

You can find further details here: https://www.medical-luxury-concierge.com/

- Medical Travel

A company driven by young enthusiasts eager to provide the best possible facilities to the seekers. Medical Travel is located in the Czech Republic. It specializes in services like IVF, egg donation, plastic surgery, and weight loss procedures. The company has joined hands with renowned clinics and offers high quality care in a comfortable environment. All the basic needs such as online help with booking flights and recommending hotels, airport pickup, etc. are available here.

You can find further details here: https://www.medicaltravelczech.com/

- MedSol

MedSol is a highly regarded company working all over Europe. It is committed to offering the best possible health tourism experience to travelers from all over the world. The medical plan includes healthcare services, accommodation, travel tickets, wellness/spa, and tourism services. It has a range of specialties including dentistry, gynecology, general surgery, urology, plastic surgery, dermatology, etc.

You can find further details here: https://medsoleurope.com/

- SEHHA Germany

An independent medical service provider with an extensive network of doctors, medical practitioners, hospitals, and private clinics. It provides you a complete tailored package of health services in Germany and the United Kingdom (UK). The company arranges your arrival, stay, visits to the doctors or clinics, and then the follow-up check ups or rehab sessions with professional assistance all along.

You can find further details here: http://www.sehha-germany.com/

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