Dec 2, 2020

Best Hospitals and Clinics in Basel - Switzerland

Basel's enviable international reputation as a provider of high-end medical services builds on a long tradition. For centuries, Basel has been a centre of medical and scientific research and can boast a dozen Nobel Laureates in these fields.


As a globally renowned location for medical research and training, Basel's medical services are not only a magnet for patients in need, but also attract specialists in the field of deep science topics from around the world, keen to learn more about Swiss expertise in the heath care sector at first hand.

  • Every year approximately 25,000-30,000 international patients come to Switzerland looking for High Quality treatments. They are not only attracted by the city's excellent medical care but as well by other comprehensive services offered. 
  • Basel heads the field as top destination for international guests in Switzerland, and together with Zürich and Geneva, is one of Europe's most popular cities to visit.
  • Basel is well up in the global rankings as one of the leading destinations for major congresses. The largest shares of these are in the medical, life-science and research sector.

Many hospitals, clinics and doctors in Basel are prepared to cater to international patients and their particular needs. They have dedicated international offices, which provide all-round support for inquires and travel, arrange visa applications and work closely with the tourism industry. In many hospitals they provide family members with personal concierge services.

In this blog article, caresocius, a global and neutral health travel organization with deep knowledge in software development and cyber security, in cooperation with the industry cluster Basel Area Swiss, presents an initial overview of the city's medical services with a selection of clinics, rehabilation centers and specialist surgeries focused on providing health servcices for patients from abroad.

To help you with travel arrangements, we have also included information on some of Basel's cultural places, that may even convince you to stay in Basel... Our caresocius team will answer all questions that you may have.  You can get our mobile and easy to use software via the link below.

Tradition and innovation

Basel combines centuries of medical tradition with the newest medical developments. Medical history has been made in Basel throughout history, by the pioneering specialists at the university Hospital of Basel – who include Bombast von Hohenheim, Paracelsus and Felix Platter.
Thanks to its numerous outstanding projects and close work units with Life-Sciences companies (like F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Novartis), it remains one of Switzerland's most research-intensive medical facilities to this day.

für Dozierende | Studium Humanmedizin

Basic clinical research plays a fundamental role when it comes to tackling medical challenges, as do key disciplines in IT and nanotechnology. Every day, the close cooperation between clinical practitioners and researchers yields medical innovations that directly benefit patients. A thriving start-up scene is constantly searching for digital solutions in the area of healthcare, which additionally accelerates the pace of medical innovation in Berlin.

Comprehensive medical care in Basel

If you require a hospital treatment or are looking for a specialist doctor's surgery, you will find a huge range of suitable options in Basel. To help you choose, you can search for specific healthcare services here. Use the filter function to look for inpatient care in a hospital, or outpatient treatment in a doctor's practice, all while selecting the spoken languages. Or just select the particular medical department or services that are important to you. You will be able to see which languages are spoken, and what types of wards are available for inpatient care. You can also have your choices displayed on a map.





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A selection of Basel best hospitals and clinics

The city's many specialized and ultra-modern hospitals have forged Basel's reputation as heathcare hub of the world.  Basel's hospitals offers high-end treatments for international patients for every health issue. The following pages present a selection of hospitals and clinics with their general profile and  specialised areas.

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Merian Iselin Clinic

Thanks to highly-qualified teams, consistent specialisation in the fields of orthopaedics, urology and surgery combined with ongoing continuous technological and infrastructure development, the Merian Iselin Clinic is one of the most modern clinics in Switzerland. As a highly modern clinic with a system of accredited and affiliated specialists, they offer every patient their own choice of doctor and hence the best possible individual care. These specialists perform the surgeries and all necessary treatments at the clinic, while also retaining their own medical practices, offering top medical advice and support alongside top surgical quality.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-30 um 12.05.19In terms of infrastructure, the state-of-the-art technology in the Merian Iselin’s nine ultramodern operating theatres gives the clinic the facility to perform over 8000 operations annually. Perfected procedures allied with medical specialisation equate to safety and sustainable good health for patients. A medical network remains on call round the clock, guaranteeing that you, the patient, always receive expert and sensitive medical and nursing care that accords entirely with your individual needs.


University Hospital Basel | LinkedIn

University Hospital Basel

"As a university hospital we define Swiss quality standards. We provide the best medical treatment in Switzerland that academia has to offer, paired with outstanding service." - Prof. Christoph A. Meier, Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Executive Officer

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As a leading rehabilitation center for neurology, orthopedics and geriatrics as well as for internal oncological and psychosomatic rehabilitation, Reha Rheinfelden sees its main task in helping patients to find their way back into everyday life, family, society and work with the help of state-of-the-art therapies.




With its first-class infrastructure, the clinic covers the entire rehabilitation chain, with a rehabilitative intensive care unit, a ward for severely affected patients, the inpatient wards, a neurological day center and the CURATIVA outpatient center.


As an attractive employer, it employs over 600 specialists. The 2,200 in-patients per year have 204 beds in private, semi-private and general wards at their disposal. Around 6,500 cases are treated annually in the Outpatient Center of the Rheinfelden Rehabilitation Center.

A pain center, a memory clinic, a child therapy center, the European Center for Scleroderma as well as a course center and its own scientific department complete the comprehensive offer.

Reha Rheinfelden is a private foundation on a non-profit basis with public service contracts. It maintains long-term cooperation with hospitals, organizations and institutions from the social and health care sector. It is a member of SW!SS REHA, among others. Reha Rheinfelden was awarded the EFQM certificate "Recognised for Excellence" with 3 stars in 2017.


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Bethesda Clinic

The Bethesda Spa Hospital Basel is a renowned private clinic and offers top medical services; in its own clinics with employed medical teams and with accredited affiliated doctors. The Bethesda Spital was founded in 1939 and has 125 beds - around 5000 patients choose us every year.

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Bethesda Hospital is committed to the basic values of human ethics. People should feel safe and secure. The holistic care with high professional competence of all disciplines involved is combined with individual care and therapy, medical experience and state-of-the-art technology. A beautiful park and outstanding hotel services promote a feeling of well-being.

Core competencies include musculoskeletal medicine at the Center for Rheumatic Back Pain (rheumatology, neurosurgical and orthopedic spinal surgery, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, pain medicine, hand surgery, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine) and women's medicine (gynecology, breast diseases). Another focus is obstetrics.

Bethesda Hospital was founded in 1939 and has 125 beds.


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Pain Clinic Basel

The Basel Pain hospital and  Clinics offers fast and direct help for people suffering from pain. To this end, it goes closer to the patients and lowers the thresholds for access. Two years ago, for example, the walk-in concept was introduced, thanks to which people seeking help can be treated by competent specialists without prior notice.

And with the opening of an regional external practice in Liestal and the introduction of consultation hours in Solothurn, the regional Clinic is saving the trip to the city of Basel. "These are important measures to be able to provide even better help to people suffering from pain outside of Basel". Some of these conceptual innovations are by no means the end of the story.


The services will be further expanded in the coming years. The Pain Clinic wants to position itself even more strongly than before, as a reference center for pain therapy in the whole world and not only in Switzerland.