Jul 9, 2021

5 Things Expats Need To Know About Healthcare in Bahrain

healthcare services in bahrain

Bahrain stands among the top Middle East destinations for expatriates due to high salaries and a good standard of living. There is a high standard of the healthcare system in Bahrain which operates on a two-tier system including public and private insurance.

Earlier, public health insurance was only accessible for Bahraini nationals but recently it has been made open for expats as well by the Bahrain government. No matter which part of the world you’re moving to, access to good quality healthcare should be a priority. In this article, we will discuss the top five things expats need to know about healthcare in Bahrain.

- Mandatory health insurance

It is compulsory for everyone living in Bahrain to acquire health insurance no matter if you are a citizen or an expat. The government has made it obligatory for employers to provide health insurance to foreign workers but it includes the primary package and covers the basic needs. It is advisable to obtain your own insurance to access private hospitals across the country and get quick treatments. The healthcare system is divided into primary and secondary healthcare. The primary covers the basic treatments such as ultrasounds, vaccines, blood tests, x-rays, etc. It is free for Bahrainis but the expats will have to pay a nominal fee every time they visit the clinic. The secondary covers the cases of emergency if you are involved in some kind of accident and require urgent treatment at a hospital.

- Easy access to treatment

Living in Bahrain, you are never far away from a hospital. Being a small country, Bahrain has a network of seven publicly run hospitals and 22 private hospitals, according to MoH statistics. This is a big advantage as compared to other countries in the Middle East where the best medical establishments are found in major cities only, while the outlying areas suffer from low quality of services. There is a short waiting list in Bahrain as well. You can expect to see a doctor within 48 hours of booking an appointment, sooner in case of an emergency. As there is a large number of foreign workers in the country, it is common for doctors and nurses to speak and understand English, which helps remove the language barriers.

- Quality of treatment

The standard of  medical treatment in Bahrain is world class and similar to what you receive in some of the biggest countries in the world such as the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK). The medical centers are equipped with modern technologies and they offer top-notch services to the patients.

- Medical Emergency

Urgent care is also available in Bahrain which you can obtain simply by calling 999. The emergency department provides medical care 24/7.

- Vaccinations and check up

Before moving or traveling to Bahrain, it is recommended to get vaccinations for hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus, and typhoid. Upon arrival, you will also need a check up, which can be done by any local doctor.



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